20 May 2022

Become an investor of the first Montessori crèches network in Belgium!

Montessori NeoKids, a booming group

Montessori NeoKids offers you to join them in a meaningful human and social adventure while growing your savings.

Montessori NeoKids develops and manages the first Montessori crèches network in Europe. The group currently operates 34 crèches, 16 in France and 18 in Belgium, with a total capacity of more than 700 places.

The Montessori NeoKids nurseries are part of a quality and environmental approach for the well-being and development of children. The management team is experienced in the creation and management of Early Childhood Care Facilities.

Montessori pedagogy : unique and internationally recognized

Montessori pedagogy, now internationally recognized, promotes the awakening of the senses, self-confidence, autonomy, and intelligence of children.

Montessori NeoKids is committed to the safety, well-being, and development of children. Each crèche provides a secure and fulfilling reception environment.

The Montessori NeoKids crèches are a family environment, warm and safe, with spaces designed by specialized architects, and furnished with furniture and Montessori educational material that allows the child to develop his concentration, his intelligence, his language, and his senses.

Montessori NeoKids : a team of experienced professionals

The NeoKids team works every day to develop and manage the 1st network of Montessori crèches. Guaranteeing the quality of reception and the development of toddlers for the happiness of parents. Our team is:

  • A development department (4 employees)
  • One operating division (5 employees)
  • An administrative and financial division (3 employees)
  • An educational division (3 employees)

The pedagogical direction of the NeoKids group is provided by Sylvie d’Esclaibes who has an international reputation as the author of many books on Montessori pedagogy published all over the world. She runs the largest Montessori training center in Europe and contributes each year to the creation of many Montessori establishments in Belgium.

A growth market

The nursery market is a market that represents a strong demand. There is a significant lack of space in Belgium today. In Brussels, there is only room for a third of the children who are not yet of kindergarten age.

Despite the development of various types of services which enable Belgium to occupy an honorable position in comparison to other European countries, the supply of childcare facilities is insufficient.

Parents looking for a place in a foster home for a young child are too often confronted with a combatant’s course. Nurseries places are scarce and waiting lists are high.

Montessori NeoKids aims to combat this deficit and create more than 1,700 additional places in Europe by 2026.

Become a Montessori NeoKids investor and help create new crèches!

In short, Montessori offers you:

  • A 12.00% annual return
  • Participation in the development of Montessori crèches
  • An opportunity in a promising market
  • A put option from the date of the first anniversary of the capital increase –  Compliance with environmental standards